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Project Description
To produce a control flow task for SSIS that can be used to run PowerShell scripts within SSIS. It should integrate SSIS and PowerShell so that SSIS specific information (i,e. variables) can be accessed etc from within your script.

The initial versionn has the following features:
- SSIS variables can ben accessed (read & write) in the script
- You can log information/warning/error messages to SSIS
- The task implements a custom PowerShell host. This means that host specific cmdlets (i.e. write-host) are integrated with SSIS

There is still lots more work to do including:
- Creating a installer using WiX
- Exposing the SSIS connections to PowerShell
- Exposing the current transaction to PowerShell
- Script validation
- Improved editor

If you would like to contribute then please drop me an email.

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